Stonewall Detroit | Board of Directors


Beth Gardiner

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Lives in: Royal Oak
Job: Senior Learning Experience Consultant, Trinity Health

Beth has been on the board since 2019 and strives to make Stonewall Sports Detroit an environment where anyone can show up as their authentic selves and feel welcomed and included. Beth spends most of her time with her wife and daughter, traveling, working on her garden or going for bike rides. Beth received her Bachelor of Applied Arts from Central Michigan University and a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University. 


Treasurer/Financial Director

DiJuaun Skelton

Pronouns: TBD
Lives in: TBD
Job: TBD

Bio coming soon...


Jeremy Strachan

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Lives in: Madison Heights

Job: <job>

Jeremy owns more than 15 years of experience working in collegiate athletics as a Sports Information Director at the NCAA Division I level. His passion for sports was sparked by the Detroit Tigers’ World Series Title in 1984. Jeremy is a season ticket holder for multiple sports at his alma mater and is a diehard Wolverine fan. He campaigned for an opportunity to join Stonewall Sports Detroit in 2019 to bring together two groups of folks that he identifies with and loves - the LGBTQ+ and the sporting communities. He received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from the University of Michigan and a Master of Education degree in Sport Leadership from the University of Kentucky.


Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Anthony Dunkley

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Lives in: Sterling Heights
Job: Mortgage Specialist

Anthony has been on the board since the founding of Stonewall Detroit in 2019. He has always been apart of organized sports since the age of 2 with his father being his soccer coach until the age of 14, but his father never stopped "coaching" him no matter what sport he played. "When I came out at 12 years old as a trans man, I've made it my top priority to promote representation for the transgender community in sports!" says Anthony. When Anthony is not being an activist he enjoys relaxing at home with his husband and dog, Luna.


Sammy Kullar

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Lives in: Northville

Job: Enterprise Risk at Ford Motor Company


Sammy joined the Board in 2022 as Sponsorship Director. Though he was often that kid in the playground kicking the dandelions instead of actually playing; these days he trades the dandelions for White Claws. Sammy is originally from England and wants to give back to the LGBTQ+ community through advocacy and sponsorship on the Board. When not cheering on his team, he likes to draw/paint, dance, and cuddle with his puppy, Lottie.

Brandon Shamoun.png

Brandon Shamoun

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Lives in: Detroit (Downtown)
Job: Coordinator of Student Engagement, Wayne State University

Brandon has been on the board since 2019. Although originally an avid non-sport enthusiast, he now enjoys organizing and leading a team of friends each league season. Additionally, he enjoys being on the board planning social events for Stonewall. Brandon grew up in Sterling Heights, and has lived and worked in Seville, Spain, Grand Rapids, MI, and Santa Barbara, CA. When he’s not pretending to know how to play sports, Brandon loves to bike ride and explore Detroit with friends.


Greg Sikora

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Lives in: Detroit (Boston-Edison)
Job: Owner,
Door Hustle

Greg was never one to do the sports things but wanted to join an organization focused on community building and advocacy and the sports just came with it! Turns out, sports are pretty fun when surrounded by an amazing group of people! Greg spends most of his time working on restoring his historic home in Boston-Edison, Detroit, refinishing historic doors through his business, Door Hustle, or out on a run for marathon training. Greg has been on the board since 2021.


Community Outreach Director

Lloyd Allen

Pronouns: He/Him/King
Lives in: Detroit
Job: Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Wayne State University

Lloyd joined Stonewall Sports Detroit in 2022 for two reasons: to build community, and to provide physical support and encouragement to those who are playing. Though not an active sports player, Lloyd enjoys watching sports, more specifically college basketball. For fun, Lloyd enjoys hiking and being outdoors, going to the beach, road trips, exploring random parts of Detroit, and playing the clarinet.


John Casupang

Pronouns: TBD
Lives in: TBD
Job: TBD

Bio coming soon...


Ben Rubinstein

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Lives in: Huntington Woods
Job: Marketing Manager, The Aesthetic Society

Ben had never played team sports until a few years ago, so he was hesitant when a friend asked him to join a queer kickball league. That was about 12 seasons ago; needless to say, he's hooked! He grew up in Lake Orion, but spent his adult life in New York and Long Beach before recently moving back to his home state. When not on the kickball field, he's usually geeking it up playing board or video games, reading science fiction, or drinking wine.


Rian Brooks

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Lives in: Huntington Woods

Job: Manager of Talent Acquisition, Michigan Medicine

Rian is thrilled to be part of the board for Stonewall Sports, however if you would have asked him 5 years ago if he would be helping to lead a community sports organization he would have thought you were bananas. Through playing kickball in a league in California, Rian realized how wonderful team sports can be for building and strengthening individual and community bonds with the folks in your area. After playing for many seasons in California, Rian is excited about helping to lead and grow an intramural sports organization that focuses on bringing together the LGBTQ community in Metro Detroit.

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Jason Armbruster

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Lives in: Ferndale

Job: Residential Landscape Sales and Design


Jason has played on several volleyball leagues including indoor and outdoor and enjoys the fast-paced thrill of it! He grew up in a farming town called Pigeon, MI but he has become a city boy and has been in the metro Detroit area for over 20 years now. He owns two cats and has been playing adult recreational sports for over 15 years. Hobbies include: Sports, Travelling, Board and Video Games, Bars, Concerts, Bike Riding, Gym and Gardening. He has no filter and his sense of humor is either welcomed or strong eye rolled… you’ve been warned! Jason holds a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in Horticulture and Landscape Architect.


Bowling Director


Interested in joining the Stonewall Detroit Board of Directors as our next Bowling Director? Contact our Commissioner, Beth Gardiner, at for more information.

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Cate Desjardins

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Lives in: Huntington Woods

Job: Clinical Social Worker, Authentic Self Psychotherapy & Consulting


Cate joined Stonewall for Summer Kickball in 2021 and found an amazing community that welcomed them and their entire family with open arms. Cate is excited to participate in Stonewall activities year-round—Kickball, Yoga, and Billiards so far, with more to come. Cate is passionate about making yoga accessible for every body by removing and addressing barriers related to finances, mobility, fitness, size. In between work and Stonewall events, Cate squeezes in finishing their doctoral degree in clinical social work. Cate lives with their spouse, Jon, and their daughter, Willa, and their four cats, Kitty, Tibby, Chicken, and Waffles.