Stonewall Detroit | About Us


Stonewall Sports is an LGBTQ & Ally community-based, non-profit sports organization founded in 2010 that strives to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. Our league values each player for who they are and what they bring to the leagues' community. Detroit was added to the Stonewall Sports family in 2019 through the vision of Mitchell Jeffery and David Russell. It was their vision to utilize recreational sports as a way to increase communal bonding within the Detroit LGBTQ+ community. 



​Through recreational, Stonewall Detroit, strives to increase communal bonding within the Detroit LGBTQ and allied communities.


Commitment to Diversity

​Stonewall Sports Detroit is committed to providing an inclusive recreational sports league that values every member regardless of sexual orientation, gender, sex, religion, race, age, disability, or any other dimension diversity. We strive to provide an environment where all can flourish and have an equitable opportunity to participate in our organization to the capacity in which they chose.


Charitable Partners

​Inline with Stonewall Sports nationally; Stonewall Detroit is currently working with Affirmations and The Ruth Ellis Center as our charitable partners. A portion of funds raised through league registrations and sponsorships goes to help assist the mission and work being done by these organizations. You can click on the images below to find out more about these great non-profits.

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Detroit Chapter By-laws

Our chapter by-laws can be viewed here <insert link>.